Catford Arts Trail

September 26, 2016



This year I am taking part in the Catford Arts Trail, which will be running over the weekends of 24 - 25 Sep & 1 - 2 Oct.  It is a free Trail/Open House event, to celebrate creativity in Catford, where local artists and makers can show their work in various homes and public spaces.


The Catford Arts Trail will be a collaborative event which will draw on the help and experience of all the participants to be a success. Funds raised will be used to create a media profile to launch this new event, producing leaflets and publicity materials and developing a presence locally. The level of success will rely on everyone involved working together to make this an exciting and creative event for Catford!



It's the day after the first weekend of the Arts Trail and I'm gathering my thoughts about

the whole experience of meeting many many interesting and interested people, most of them new to me. This much I know......  Catford and beyond is full of creativity, some still lurking.


I'm putting together more work, inspired as I have been by visitors and my companion exhibitors, Katie and Jasmine. Meanwhile, here's some detail of current pieces.










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